It needed to be said......

I wrote a note today ,
She will be apahled by what is said ,
It speaks of how she done me wrong,
and how she is no better than any ,
I was mad and upset of the lies she told,
I am tired of them they were getting old ,
I tried to be nice and I thought twice ,
But I could not hide my feelings any longer ,
I had to say it get it off my chest ,
because these lies need to be put to rest ,
Finally I found my voice and screamed it out ,
That she has no control and no self respect ,
from Karma she will get what she get ,
Maybe it was wrong to say what I said ,
But maybe now she will get it in her head ,
That what she says , the lies she speaks ,
Will only make me stronger and her look weak ,
Now this is all I needed to say ,
I hope nothing more but for a good day ....

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