The Days on By

If it was you I did not find , my life would be unkind .
I remember the moment our eyes met , that moment I could never forget .
Our first kiss I taste a hint of peppermint , Then to now unforgetable time spent .
I remember the clothes you wore , you I came to adore .
Our first time we were fulll of nerves , our second time was well deserved .
Under the lunch breezway , on that beautiful cool crisp day .
Our teenage lives in full speed , that day time stopped for us indeed .
On that day our friendship now exsisted , I couldn't believe you were interstead .
If it was you I did not find , missing all this would be unkind .
Look at us thirteen years down the road , thirteen years later now two kids aboard .
We are a family I wouldn't trade it for all the power in the world , who knew what our future had on hold .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Being with my husband for 14 years now , highschool sweethearts 9th grade ...

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