Man Eats Combo Meal, Explodes

Man Eats Combo Meal, Explodes

A giant blender loses its top. Splatter art forgets

its frame. Let's hear the judges:

          8.5     7.9     8.0     8.5

Rocks bang against riot shields. The dam holds

fast despite tsunami waves. Little Mia wakes up

mommy, exclaims, "there's a shark in my closet!"

He grabs the machette, chops the Mamba's head

off, explodes.

          9.3     9.5     9.1     9.8

"As a token of my appreciation, I present to you

this owl, a treasure guide."
says the oak tree. She

flies them to the nearest Burger King, orders, ka-


          7.7     7.5     6.1     6.9

The coach pulls his own scalp off, throws it into

a wishing well. Lock Ness makes a loud splash,

summons the National Guard. Private Jack goofs

again, takes another dodgeball hit, explodes.

          8.3     (Quit it.)

"Would you like Sati with that funeral?" inquires

a can of gasoline, formerly a milk jug. A swarm

of cows pay their respect, bow heads toward Mecca.

Kaboom! The kick-'em-while-they're-down strategy.

Never fails. Kaboom! Kaboom! Kaboom!

          Game Over

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