Tangled Hair Calls a Tempest

sculpture by drew gardner

Tangled Hair Calls a Tempest

Adjusting 'er aviators, the glassy-boot'd waitress
points to a sign and proclaims, "that's 20. 20. 20.
20 [chews per bite], not 10, Pancho!"
She writes
him a $20 ticket and directs him to the checkout.

There, he pulls out a trembling revolver and mumbles
to cashier Jay to take the $20! The restaurant goes
mime and unfurls its rugs t'ward Mecca. Pancho steals
one, escapes, and magic carpets his way t'ward
the supermarket.

There, as he gets a mud bathe, an empty cart takes
the valet to the river and returns with unbagg'd goods.
Jay tells Pancho to bag them on 1 thru 5 for plastic,
and 6 thru 10 for paper, but he refuses, nev'r even
wanting groceries, only wanting to feel the floor tiles.

Panting and drooling, the dining table (who goes by
D.T.), awaits his master who brings to it a week supply
of.... Pancho tells him, "that's 20. 20. 20. 20., not
10, D.T.!"

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