Feeding Clouds a Mob of Balloons I, II, III

Feeding Clouds a Mob of Balloons


All evening, Oscar de San Martin stands near a subway turn-
style awaiting for an inquiry, a savior.

Grandfather Clock approaches and asks, "Pardon me, but do
you have a light to spare?"
Oscar pulls out a signature series
golf club. He putts and putts the air. But the clock only thanks
him and leaves him a generous entree that is then snatch'd aft'r
only one bite!

"Betrayal! Betrayal!" he exclaims, but then he laughs out like
a madman who has attain'd a taste of freedom.


Despite kicks and screams heard the way there, Oscar chucks
his golf bag at the sport store's doorstep. Then back home, he
flame-teases a window's hair and knife-teases the sofa's throat.

At the ghetto, he sets up a display of his jewelry for the local
raccoons and their crowbars. Like a tree sap exposed to sun,
Oscar hardens, and their blows break him open. From inside,
a man named Oakley sheds from his skin.


Oakley storms the community cafe and shocks its customers--
"Coffee... has nev'r existed here! The newspapers are blank!
And you're here to solely flaunt scarves and belt buckles!

Outraged, the community throws pies at him, but he eats them
and raises his brow. Outraged, they ransack his garb, but he
jumps into a tub and begins singing melodies. Outraged, they....

Today, rulers have stung the teachers' palms.
Oakley laughs.
Oakley laughs. Oakley laughs....

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