Bacteria in Fingernails

What if in every direction, you felt an immense anxiety over uncleansiness? This, intesified to the maximum, is the world Jaun is stricken with.

Bacteria in Fingernails

The iris flicks high-right then mid-left.

A crack disengages a silverfish--overt
as a melanoma crawling over bare skin.
And on, too, Jaun disengages, pesticide-
ward. The sink cabinet handle adheres
to fingertip as its cultured worms multiply
into visibility. The hyperventilation returns.

The inhalations suction dust and floor-
spores. Breath extrudes from the lungs,
'n' red-spray traces saturate upon a fore-
facing surface. His shoulders calcify
stiff. Itches, too, multiply, sporadically
throughout his anatomy with insufficient
sharp nails to go 'round. Abrasions begin.

Jaun fails to near a disinfectant. Bacteria
imbeds itself into blood vessels, paralyzing
kinesthesia. Nearing, though, is the silver-
fish as it begins wriggling betwixt sweat-
damp cheek 'n' pale-blue lips--once more.

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