Eulogy to God

Edvard Munch, Self Portrait in Hell, 1895

Eulogy to God

            On this day, we acknowledge the passing
            of an empowering man, a buz-baz2, a cozener
            who jeruhuk3s the young and labors them
            into a plantation of dunce hats--to tie around
            non-believer craniums, burning karelu4s upon
            their unbaptized, faith-devoid foreheads.

            Our karelus, though, were formed from issued
            gas masks, filtering out the incense of forbidden
            fruit. Kin, too, wore them--over their Rohypnol
            smiles. Lord, you led me into jeruhuk. Now,
            you're a stiff, for I shot an arrow at the sky.

             Now, the windows are shattered, inviting light.

1 Burdaham (Malaysian) - To clear the throat, especially to attract attention.
2 Buz-baz (Ancient Persian) - A showman who makes a goat and a monkey dance together.
3 Jeruhuk (Malaysian) - The act of stumbling into a hole that is covered by grass
4 Karelu (Tulu, Indian) - The mark left on the skin by anything tight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Expressionist painting by Edvard Munch, Self Portrait in Hell, 1895. The character decides to quit his religion.

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