Molten Wax I (Wick-Litt'n Two)

Artwork by: Guggen Heim

Molten Wax I (Wick-Litt'n Two)

Upon foreign qiubo1, Stan punctare2s
cafe-wardly 'n' berlenggang3s into
pu'ukaula4, for hitherto, Belle's could-
be curiosity-zanda5 o' teeth'd, lick'd
lips'll impell a ruse -- a kejeblos6'd
bed-sharer, son-bearer turn'd bawosni7.

Secretly, again, 'n' two months forward
the comadreja8 orgasm-camachaloa9s
'n' ghalidan10s, sweat-drip'd, cum-fill'd --
a pre-celebration for a perfect murder.

In whiro11, a rigg'd ulykkesbilen12'll
scorch Judas incarnate's woes skyward.

Foreign Words with no English Equievelent
1 Quibo - (Chinese) - The bright and clear eyes of a beautiful woman.
2 Punctare - (Italian) - To stare intensly at the one to whom one feels sexually attracted to.
3 Berlenggang - (Indonesian) - To walk gracefully by swinging one's hands or hips.
4 Pu'ukaula - (Hawaiian) - To set up one's wife as a stake in gambling.
5 Zanda - (Hausa, Nigerian) - To indicate with ones lips.
6 Kejeblos - (Indonesian) - To fall into a hole by accident.
7 Bawosni - (Persian) - A wife whose husband does not love her and seldom visits.
8 Comadreja - (Caribbean Spanish) - That to what is entitled a woman who lures males
into extramarital relationships, but literally meaning weasal.
9 Camachaloa - (Nahuatl Aztec) - To open one's mouth.
10 Ghalidan - (Persian) - To move from side to side as lovers, to roll, wallow or tumble.
Whiro - (Maori) - The first day of  the lunar month when there appears to be no moon.
12 Ulykkesbilen - (Danish) - An ill-fated car.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What characterizes this series is the use of 12 foreign words with no english equivalents. Footnotes are of course added. (Read them! Else, you will be absolutely lost.) The series are short horror-stories of love/lust relationships.

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