Broken Ways

(Spoken) Oh Lord, please forgive me of my broken ways
I am human, but in You I can change...
Though my broken ways lead me astray...
On the cross you saved me that day...
So many things...there are in this life that tempt me tonight
I cant stand against them all...alone.
But I'm by myself. There is one with me inside...
Who'll lead me home.
In this world...that we live in there is so much sin.
I can't help but give in...
Because I'm broken in the ways I live
Broken in all of my sin
Lord won't you please...lead me home again
Fix my broken ways...
There's so much tempt and betray me
that seeks to destroy me.
Sometimes I can't...stand on my own two feet,
but that's when you carry me
That's when my life...becomes too much to bear.
Oh I'm glad you're there!
Because I'm broken in all of my sin
Wont you come fix me again?
Broken in the ways I live,
but I spread my life...too thin...
Please fix my broken...WAYS!
This is the life I chose
When I started down this road
I knew it'd be hard.
I don't know where to go
Life isn't over or so I'm told,
But I really don't know...
how much longer I can go
Living my life as a lie
Its easier to curl up and die,
but instead I'll choose
To run back again...
To the truth...
Because.....I'm broken once again
Broken in my sin
Broken in the way I live,
but I still say amen.
Please save me from myself
I don't want to go to hell...
Please fix me here today
Lord mend my broken ways...
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Actually wrote this a few years qgo. Just now put it on here.

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