I'm done being Cupid.
I'm tired of fixing your relationships.
You used to be mine, and now you're her's.
Before her there was another girl.
I helped there too.
I'm done being cupid.
I'm tired of fixing your relationships.
It hurts to see you with everyone but me.

Old wounds are still sore and I can't be your Cupid anymore.


















Author's Notes/Comments: 

my relationship with my long term ex boyfriend is really weird. most of my love poems on here are even about him.
I haven't wrote in a long time.

I help him through his relationships so he'll stay and talk to me again and so that he can be happy. But this time it's gone to far and I can't do it anymore. I still love him and when he plays on my emotions and tells me he wants to see me again and then decides he wants her instead, it's too much.

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