The Vampires

The Devils get offended to easily by 

the truth 


They are sore losers 

that can't see what is below their feet


The Fires of hell long to burn

for their wicked souls 


Their cursed bloodline

bares no fruit


Tares of Canaan,

servants of Baal I see your demise


Let the vengeance of hell

drag them down 


The curse of the mark

upon their flesh 


Jesus said "ye shall know

them by their fruits"


Barren wasteland of their souls,

rebels without a cause 


Children of the snake 

begone from my sight 


Ye vampires burn in the sun of the truth,

Jesus is your kryptonite 


No good comes from evil,

no truth from lies


Born from darkness 

return to darkness


People of the night,

you cannot stand the light 


From your father you spawn 

to the him you return

In the end all weeds

are burned  


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