Take your Prozac (Blue Pill)

There's ignorance 

and there's fake



I can't help but feel that

people are acting and playing their

role in the Pyramid 


They can't be that stupid


They must know who's running the show 


There Is generational 



They put on the masks society tells them to wear 


And if you talk about the big  elephant in the living room 


They gaslight you and call you crazy 


So who can you trust

in this world of actors?


Where everything is the reverse 


Where people actively work to maintain the illusion 

of order they have constructed in their minds 


So, whose in on in it 

and whose not?


I'll let god be the judge.


I'm no conformer

and I'm no transformer


I believe in the truth 

not the fantasy 


On the other hand, some people would

rather plug their ears with beeswax 

and continue to live in denial of the truth


Faking ignorance 

playing their role 


Being a cog in the machine 


Taking the Prozac,

numbing the mind with the sorcery 

of the snake