Seeds of Destruction

The words are empty

having been said

so many times before,

they begin to lose

their meaning and feel

like lies


Though you believe 

them  with conviction;

others may not share

that same sentiment


What is real to one is not necessarily

real to another;

what is true to one may be false

to another


The word love can be so easily dilluted;

the word love can be turned and twisted

into something completely different


The meaning which one has put into that word

can deform that word into something else entirely


ppl through their own experiences react differently

to words


and words can cause ppl to change their minds about those

who put speak them


words like a poison;

even with good intent;

can sow the seeds of destruction

and undue you completely


To be a slave to these words,

why must we,

allow our hearts to control our






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