Opinions are Like?


A friend taught

me an invaluable lesson that in 

life you should at least try to

respect other people's opinions

and beliefs even if you disagree

with them


Its easy to rant

and allow yourself to be controlled

by negative experiences


This is all a trap;

a trap of perception and point of view


Without empathy we are all lost in our own



 But there is also another point I would like to make

and its that if you genuenly believe someone is wrong

do not be afraid to speak your mind to them


Instead of living in our own bubbles,

lets burst the bubble

and all come together with our different points of view


 However, there is a fine line between criticism and prejudice,

because sometimes criticism can be mistaken as prejudice

and prejudice can be mistaken as criticism


Speech has consequences,

different people have different fine lines 

for what they accept as tolerable.


In many ways we are conditioned by society to

accept some opinions more than others


Often our opinions are not even really our own,

but are really just copies of someone elses.


All I'm saying is an opinion can turn you

into a liar, because it teaches you to only

view things through your own opinion



















Author's Notes/Comments: 

I want to thank the friend who helped me see how opinions can be destructive. I appreciate it. 




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