Lets end this inequality

and create fairness for everyone


Lets end the lies


To victory and Freedom!!!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am not a MGTOW. But I want people to realize what is going on here and how these things are being used. How are we supposed to have gender equality when one gender is trying to suppress the freedom of the other? I'm talking about feminism. There can be no equality, because one group is always going to try to scew the other over by indoctrinating its in-group into its beliefs and myths. With those new beliefs, they can then be used to promote hate and fear mongering and attack men for no legitimate reasons. Women can "falsely" accuse men of sexually harrassment and say all sorts of lies, because of this sense of superiority, which feminism has given them. Men feel like they have to constantly watch what they say to women over the fear of having their reputations destroyed and losing their careers. Men can be falsely arrested for things such as "rape". Even if the accusation is proven false, that accusation is still there and casts a bad a shadow over a man for the rest of his life. 


There can be no liberty as long as there is fear and disinformation. We do not live in a free country. We live in one, in which politics control every aspect of our lives. The west is completely controlled. Facism is the drug of choice for those who seek to suppress and create unfair stipulations. It is only going to keep getting worse and they are only going to step up their propaganda campaigns to brain wash young people and children. Colleges  are not for education. They are for reeducation, meaning they seek to program people to believe a false view of realtiy. 


Why can't we have fairness? Why do I have to live in fear of having my life destroyed if I enter into a relationship. Why do I have to cower to those who do not respect what I have to say. For those who do not respect me as a person. Everyone deserves freedom and fairness. No one should recieve special treament, because by giving more special treament you create more inequality.


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