One Bad Day

It only takes one slip

and you fall off the cliff

one bad day and you go insane,


People you trust so much,

people you love with all your heart

can turn on you in the blink of an eye


One bad choice can do you in for the rest

of your life, 


It's hard to recover from these events,

which have shaped our lives,


Once a dog is beaten it can never be the same,


Once your heart is broken you will never

see anyone the same again.


It is easy for people who do not know what

you have been through, to make light of

and deny your pain.


All it takes is one bad day,

and your whole world turns upside down,


To lose a job,

a lover,

a child,

a dog,

To lose your faith in yourself.


That void can never be filled,

its a one way street,

a descent into hell


Until you die

and are spared

the pain of anymore

bad days.








Author's Notes/Comments: 


All I know in Life are bad days. It just accumulates. 

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