Virtue Signalling is not Virtue


Virtue Signalling is the appearance

of virtue without actually possessing



Saying you stand for something,

when you really only stand for a trend;

a trend that is constantly changing/ progressing


Making others feel bad and discriminating

against them for not agreeing


Using hate speech by labeling others as haters/bigots (ad hominem)


Good examples: Feminism, socialism,  antifa, LGBT, etc


These are all movements that the establishement and the media is using to suppress

the freedom of speech and to control people's perceptions of reality by forcing them

to agree. In addition, they are using protestors and criminals to spread fear and hate

towards those who are not a part of these groups. Furthermore, they are using movies

tv shows, Football games, etc to force their political views down people's throats. 


These people who claim they are loving and want diversity and freedom are really just facists

and bigots who want to control every aspect of society.


Thus, they are not really liberals, because they do not want freedom. They are facists/socialists who

only provide the illusion they are tolerant in order to gain control of public perception.


However, in leu of all this we should not allow ourselves to be caught in this political right and left trap.

Because, that is what they want for us the most is to be pissed off. They want to control our thoughts and actions through hate. This nothing is nothing but divide and rule.


What is most important is that we remove ourselves entirely from this matrix of insanity and turn our lives to christ. This will allow us to fill our hearts with love and to transcend the limitations of ideology and a biased point of view. 



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