So much hate,

yet so little to show for all that aggression

smashing your fists into a concrete wall

sweat pouring off your brow,

bloody knuckles, exposed bone,


Inside your cell,

the stinch of rotten flesh seeps

through the bars,

your starving,

but the meat is so far away,


impossible to sleep,

the constant groaning and moaning,

you do push ups to kill the time,

to make your self stronger,


You tell yourself that one day you will break free,

of this cage that one way or another,

you will ascend out of this hell,

and step into the light once more,


 But it was only a dream,

so far down into this hole,

no man has ever hoped to rise from

the depths of this abyss


Until now, 


Until the day you

made that climb,

and left that hellish world behind,

never again speaking your former name


From this day onward you would be known as

Bane !!!


And if they would not submit to your reign,

you would snap their necks

without even a second thought

never regretting what needed to be done.


Because at the end of the day you tell yourself

that Bane bows to no one.









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