Point of No Return

She made you feel better,

but then she left and you imploded,

you retreated so far into the darkness,


The pain was too much to bare,

she was all you had, all you ever loved,

but it did not matter in the end,


You were destined to be alone,

you could not escape hell,

the fire would always engulf you


More and more, day by day,

nothing ever changes,

you still remember what you wanted


But you could not have her,

because in the end she decided

she didn't love you anymore,


And you would never know if that

was true or not, you would replay

the last time you saw her in your head


Every single day thinking about her,

against your own will, the memories

rising to the surface like bubbles.


To go through life not wanting to confide

your hopes in another, only to have them

crushed right before your eyes


The punchline of the joke,

nothing ever going your way,

bang!! pop goes the weasel,


Russian Roulette, drinking alone,

complete and utter lack of meaning,

staring into the abyss,


The point of no return, what will happen,

if a finger slips, what will happen,

when you lose control?


a shattered, imploded soul, a star

degenerated, all hope lost;

a black hole.








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