loving Once

You were putting

out a signal I could

detect from a mile



You were different,

I was interested,

I wanted to get know you


Not many can do what you could,

turn me on;

I'm not the kind of who is easily impressed


I did'nt know if I was in love or not,

all I know is that I wanted you to be mine;

I needed a girl like you for a time,


You go through life bored, 

meeting generic people, seeing generic things,

its not that often you want to pursue something


you made me do that,

I could not stop myself from talking to you,

I knew it was destiny


There are so few people out there who are genuinely


and when you meet someone that is,

letting go feels like dying twice


And once you fall in love,

its hard to do it again,

because loving once is just enough









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