Ice Cubes waiting to Melt


Are you struggling to find your place in this world,

struggling to see what the hype is all about?


Why do we do the things we do?


Most of the time we are bored,

because there are not enough new

experiences to go around,


You have become settled,

and it requires more money and motivation

to derive any new information,


You have given up on love,

you don't see the point in trying

to care about a stranger,


People are all the same,

and repeat the same lies

about life,


Religion requires imagination,

and your tired of trying to believe in something

that does not reflect reality


 When you lose what you love,

and there is nothing to replace what you lost,

everything else seems so tedious


There is no curing your maddness,

because we are all mad at the lie

that we have been told


I do not worry about dying or trying

to force the process,


Because I'm already dead,


Those who say they love life are

liars or are either too ignorant or stupid

to know how boring and tedious the affair

really is


I will always be a pessimist,

until proven otherwise.


I see life for what it is,

and it is not a good life,

it is just life,


We are all ice cubes 

waiting to melt, entropy

frozen and self contained

for a little while, until the levy

breaks and our waters flood

the desolate landscape

and then slowly evaporate into thin air.




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