War is a futile struggle

that is often used by countries to maintain their power structure

and other economic interests


The United States has often provoked wars

with other countries in the names of things

such as terrorism and communism


Nation building is the biggest waste time,

because what you build is most likely going to be destroyed


Terrorism was used in the 2000s to fear monger

to justify endless wars


Because of the removal of these dictators,

many of these countries have fallen into chaos

and disarray


Democracy does not work for every country,

and often leads to rampant corruption in countries,

which are not ready for it.


Without a strong hand, many of these countries

become safe havens for terror and corruption


The United States does not like Rogue States;

it seems it would rather have a state ruled

by terror then a state ruled by dictator


Because in reality many of these terror groups are controlled opposition,

which intelligence agencies can use to make sure that countries

never have a chance of making it out of the 3rd world


This is the War World,

the military industrial complex,

which has made much of its money by spreading fear

through endless propaganda; these manufactured

media images of people being blown to smithereens

all used to justify the boogyman they have created.












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