Do not Love

Love is an immature idea,

it can easily be stripped of meaning,

when professed too often,


Love is negative,

it attempts to suppress the other,

one tries to give themselves up,


In doing that they deny their individuality,

they dissolve and doing so, the other is

lost , love kills the one you love,


We should abandon the idea of love,

and rethink what it is we truly want

out of other people,


If we want to find ourselves in others,

we cannot deny ourselves, we must

not fit the mold of expectations,


The self must be uncompromising,

it must be reflect what it truly is,

even if its other views it as evil or negative,


If you are negative, if you hate, then hate,

do not deny your feelings of agression, do not 

deny the masculine for the feminine,








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