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Different product services with cinema camera option packages stand on the industrial leading Sony F55 4k structure and Canon Cine Servo and Cinema Prime Lenses as well as aerials and deep water video production solutions.

Videographers and cinematographers with many Gemini and CSA winning standards are certified for SFOC for aerial drone operations, with wide-ranging and up to date experiences of filming for a blue chipped documentary in the world.

Industry Insights

These big sensor cinema cameras from Cinema rental Alberta have multiple advantages of being pro camcorders and systems as well. The interchangeable lenses and big sensors will make for actually good image quality.

Majority of the devices also have professional sound features and handles better than DSLR and record in the formats that will stand up better and manipulated than basic DSLR footage. They won’t suffer the moiré effect and results from taking videos with a sensor designed for the high resolution still photography.


  • The Sony FSS

The SonyFS5 is lighter and extra ergonomic than the C100 and the C100 and can take 240 fps slow motioned HD and 4k. It has better view-finder but the video autofocus is not as advanced.

  • The Canon C100

It is well known with professionals and an obvious next step for Can-DSLR users although it records 1080p HD. If a person wants a Canon cinema with 4k recording capacity, the person needs the more expensive variation, that’s Canon C200 or C300 mkII.

  • The Black-magic Design Cinema Camera

The brand new black magic design pocket cinema camera 4k takes the place of current Black-magic cinema cameras. The device can record high quality as 4k RAW and Pro-Res files at Up to 60 fps. The device has extra low light performance audio connectivity and audio than the initial ones. Set at $1295 the device is a very good value although the device’s unlikely to be as heavy as Sony and Canon alternatives.

The HD variant of Black-magic pocket cinema camera is the most feasible cinema camera option a a person can buy.

The larger black-magic cinema cameras are featured in 4K and 2.5K versions. The two have a very bigger dynamic range and can record scenes with lots of contrast and outstanding image quality for the price. But they have negative aspects such as lots of contrast. They have outstanding quality for the images for the price. But, they have negative aspects like very big file sizes and poor handling, along with audio and the old sensor sizes.


  • Great image quality

  • Many creative controls

  • High-quality in low light

Best for

Serious film-makers or news or documentary film-makers who can afford these devices. Look for agencies who not only supply with cinema cameras, but also specializes in many features such as drone aerial photography or cinematography as this says about the company’s expertise in the field.

The Sony F55 is one of the best options, such companies equip with complex and demanding studios or location shooting. These cameras produces result comparable to Arri and Red cinema cameras and are very reliable in getting field conditions.

Ending Note

Cinema is an art and hiring the best cinema camera company will be the best thing your life! Hire a company for Cinema camera rental Canada to get the best services.

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Upstart Cameras Inc is an Edmonton based Award-winning cinematography rental and Services Company founded in 2013. We offer cinema camera packages built on the industry-leading Sony F55 4K body, with Canon Cine-Servo and Cinema Prime lenses, as well as aerials and underwater solutions in Western Canada.


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