I have dreams

But they always seem to die so quick

Wake up

And open my eyes to the same bull-shit

I ask the lord why

Maybe I should just quit

He said "son just try"

"And I'll make sure your legit"

So now to keep my dreams alive

I keep my knuckles to the grind

Because he told me

"Everything is going to happen in time"

"Just put your faith in me"

"And I'll make sure that you shine"

"Either from the sweat off your back"

"Or from the way that you rhyme"

So I kept dreaming

Because he told I should

Dream of having it all

Becaus he told me I could

Dream being great

Because he told I would

Dream of doing things

And put my life to some good

Because I've seen the dreams of great men

And I feel we share the same vision  

To open up eyes

And free minds that's imprisoned

Not conform to the norm

And forever challenge the system

So I look to you Lord

I dream you grant me the wisdom

Now for anybody

That works hard for little pay

But still has the courage

To dream of a better day

To dream of a better way

To dream when they can say

That all their struggle and strife

Have finally been taken away

Just know I feel you son

Thats why I spit like I do

Even your nightmares

Yeah, I had those dreams to

For every time you said

"If the world only knew"

So now every chance I get

I make sure that they do

See I'm just like you

Doing all that I can

Just to feed the fams

I hope the Lord understands

Sometimes it's hard being an honorable man

And even harder still to take an honorable stand

But still I dream

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not sure if it's done

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