Ain't nobody out here

Really want to see you make it

As soon as you got something

These fuckas want to take it

Loyalty and honor

Most of these succas fake it

Friendship means shit

And ain't a damn thing sacred

When the good times are up

Most of these fakas want to leave

And ain't no telling what they got

Hidden up thier sleave

All they spit is lies

Just trying to decieve

And all I see is phoney

So what should I belive

But I could never change

I was born to keep it real

And let these motha fuckas know

Exactly how I feel

I won't repeat myself

So make sure you get the deal

I have a soul carved in granite

And a heart forged in steel

So what this really means

Is there's no love if you turn

So if you succas cross me

I pray you fuckas burn

I'll gladly beat it in your brain

Untill you cowards learn

That trust is something built

And respect is FUCKING EARNED

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