My apology


It all started out with beautiful intentions

My life with you, and oh, did I mention

That I would like you to have my kids

Just a young buck with a head full of ideas

I just wanted everything to be right

But when we would to start to fight, I could'nt sleep at night

And I know a lot of things just were not fair

It's crazy how things get when we don't stop to care

See this is to apologize for all the wrong I've done

For every time I messed up and hurt someone

I was a pretty good kid, but I still did some shit

That probably had you up all night having a fit

And sometimes I acted like I really did not care

But the truth is, I could not imangine my life without you being there

You did somethings that I could not understand

But I realize you were just trying to raise a boy to be a man

This is to apologize for all the wrong I've done

For the times I acted wild and hurt someone

And this last one here is for my son

If I could have one wish, to see you would be my only one

Sometimes It hurts so bad, I can't stand to my feet

Without you close to me, I am not complete

I remind my self it was for your best sake

But I still feel sometimes that I made a mistake

I'll never hide from you, I want you to know who I am

So I put my faith in the Lord, it's all according to his plan

Words can not define the pain that I'm in

If I had another chance, I'm not sure I would do it again

This is to apologize for all the pain that I caused

Please forgive me for my short comings and flaws

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