Rhymes and verses

It's peace and tranquility

If ya feelin me

All that hard-core ra-ra

You cats are killing me

I don't need violence

To prove that I'm the best

Those gangsta rhymes are mindless

You need to give that shit a rest

Open up ya mind

To a completely diffrent plane

And try to bring some originality

Back into the game

See we come to bring you hip-hop

And put in ya head

Come to save the art from flip-flop

It's me and Just T.e.d.

So start a funky sample

And put it on a loop

My mind is fully loaded

So just ready,aim,and shoot

I'm ready to set fire

To another funky trac

Time to fire the first shot

And take hip-hop back

Cause lately I don't know her

It seems that she done changed

She was the voice of rebellion

But times just ain't the same

See I can remember it exactly

The day my heart just stopped

It was the very same day

That hip-hop went pop

See this flip-flop has got to stop

It's gettin whack

So I guess It's up to us

To take hip-hop back!!!

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