Never give up


The harder I try

The harder it gets

Sometimes I find

I just want to quit

But then I think twice

About where I am headed

I can't give up now

Or I'll live to regret it

I got to keep trying

I know that I can

So I got to keep striving

Can't give up on the plan

And my dreams will happen

It's all up to me

Wether It's poetery or rappin

I've got to be free

My mind needs release

From the every day pressure

I find I need peace

Cause this world it will test ya

But with each test I pass

I find I grow stronger

Untill this lil world

Can test me no longer

I rise from the dust

And proclaim my name boldly

Survive as I must

See no trap can hold me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I don't know if it's finished yet.

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