Rhymes and verses


Smokin like a hot smith&wesson

And I got hot ones

For the first cat that be testin

See I'm blessin

Every trac that I spit on

The first time out

And all oppesition gettin pissed on

It's all gone

Everything you thought you had

And all you can do

Is just sit there and be mad


Steam rollin all oppestion

I'm choke holdin thes cats

I got beggin for submission

It's all game

Phoney fuckas tryin to point the blame

Real cat's make this money

And we keep it the same

So stay awake

When I come thru the whole game shake

I'm crumb snatchin thes succas

See I'm snatchin they cake

Ya live and ya learn

With phoney fuckas I'm not concerned

I'm twistin these cat's up

Like bad perms

And leave 'em spinnin

Come aganist the legendary

They ain't winnin

Bealzubub, playa I'm forever sinnin

I'm beggin

To understand the problem here

Livin in shit so thick

We can't even see clear

So bling-bling

Money is everything

Cat's dyin over shit

That don't mean a damn thing

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