Dear Lord, can you help me

I don't know which way to go

I can't stop livin this life

Cause it's all that I know

The pain of living

Is pushing me towards sin

It's my own road to hell

And I seem to be on it again

How can you help me

When I can't help myself

I done gave up tryin

So I play the cards I was delt

I don't see a future

My heart pumps poison thats killing me

Every time I close my eyes

It's a funeral that I see

But I got to bust back

Before this world takes me under

Make them feel what I feel

Make this whole world suffer

It's all fucked up

The way I see things

Look thru my eyes

And you can see what hell brings

It seems I wake up there

Every single day

And no matter how hard I pray

I can't find my way

Thats why we raw, dawg

Far above the law, dawg

Every thing we saw, dawg

Makes us what we are, dawg

So who can you trust

In this life a sin

The ones you think your friends

Will probably do you in

Who can you count on

To watch your back

Who's gonna stick around

When the times get black

When you got a lil somthing

Everyone wants a peice

But when times get hard

The friendships cease

Phoney bitches

Always tryin to decieve

But when the good times are thru

They jump ship and leave

So always watch your back

Cause this world is crazy

The bull-shit I see

Never ceases to amaze me

Just keeep ya head up

Even when times get hard

Be true to ya self

Don't let them pull ya card

And stay raw, dawg

Far above the law, dawg

Cause everything we saw, dawg

Makes us what we are, dawg

Whenever I look around

All I see is disgust

Jelousy, petty hatred

And fuckin mistrust

I can't even explain

How the world's affected my soul

I feel I'm pass my prime

And I'm only 27yrs old

So at night I ask the Lord

How much longer will this last

But I get no reply

So I guess it's not ny place to ask

Lord, it's so hard

To put my trust in what you say

When I got these mothafuckas

Lying to me every day

So please God, I'm beggin

Show me a way out

Give me a sighn that your listening

So there can be nomore doubt

It's hard these days

To find somone to trust  

And even harder to over come

The traps laid by jelousy and lust

So when you all alone

Keep one eye on ya back

Cause the second you ain't lookin

Is when the demons attack

Just struggle and keep ya head up

And belive in a better time

When we got another option

That dosen't include a life of crime

But it seems to just get harder

The struggle continues

And before you know it

Look what we got ourselves into

It seems to survive

Our soul is the cost

And to forever be haunted

By the loved ones we lost

I know somtimes it seems

Life is to hard to juggle

But still we get up, get out

And continue the struggle

So we stay raw, dawg

Far above the law, dawg

Everything we saw, dawg

Makes us what we are, dawg

What is there left

For our children not to see

You wanna see people die

Just turn on your t.v.

Or better yet

Let's take a walk down the street

And I'll show you where an 92yr old women

Got pistol whipped last week

These children bustin in the air

Beggin God for an answer

While the disease of poverty and violence

Spread like a cancer

It's like we stuck in the game

And ain't got no chance of winning

And shit don't change

It's been this way since the begining

So how you dare you even think

To pass judgement on me

You couldn't even understand

Half the things that I see

Maybe it wasn't the worst

But it seemed hard enough

As I struggle to keep my head up

When times get tough

I know a lot of people out there

Find it hard to understand me

But I blame the system

For the destruction of our families

But I refuse to be a victim

So I refuse to run

And if there's anyone that feels this

Then I'm not the only one

So stay raw, dawg

Far above the law, dawg

Every we saw, dawg

Makes us what we are, dawg

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