Some old shit

Rhymes and verses

The beat starts pumping

And I black out on the rhyme

Start analyzin lyrics

And you just might find

The mind of a mad man

I'm close to insane

The mere mention of my name

Seems to manifest pain

Cause they ain't many in the game

That I can do it like I do

Step away from the mic

And leave ya shit broken in two

Endin ya career

With just my mic and my dome peice

And every time I bless a trac

The stakes increase

To high for most cat's

To reach on they on

And the level keeps rising

Every time I come near the microphone

So just let it be homie

This game ain't for everyone

But if you really want it

Then come on and get you some

Organized playa

We hide from no one

See this is it

The climax is now

Organized hustlas

From the heart of the L-Town

So if you come for us

Keep one thing in the mind

We real hard to get rid of

But we real easy to fuckin find

The rest of these cats

I'm one cut above 'em

My style's the shit

Any way you cut it

The head of the pack

The pick of the litter

The sure winner

The out the park hitter

The absolute answer

To ya every single prayer

I'll end ya whole squad

Before ya knew I was there

Just keep my eyes open for  

Hates tryin to decive me

I can't belive it's this easy

Belive me

I keep gettin better and better

Beatin every single competitor


Paz rules forever

You'll never find anyone

That keep's it hotter then me

I'm knockin out challengers

One, two, and three

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