Hate The Don

Rhymes and verses

I'm a five point lion

like Voltron

Foolin cat's like a Decpticon

Rep my squad

No matter what fuckin set I'm on

I'm far beyond

Any level you think you on

A world champion

Goes by the name of Shawn

A fuckin Don

Well ahead of my time

Started comin into my prime

Right around twenty-nine

That's when I put my mind

Towards spittin these rhymes

And every body with me

Knew I was destined to shine

It was just a matter of time

Before I finally blew up

So I kept my realist homies with me

Right here down in the cut

Now every time we spit

We fuckin 'em up

Takin the wind out these cat's

Like a punch to the gut

Yall just straight out of luck

And I just don't give a damn

It's about time yall realize

Who the fuck I am

Keepin ya hood nervous

Is just part of the plan

I'm terrorizing whole blocks

Like it was the summer of sam

I mean DAMN

How many people gonna hate the don

When half yall can't even reach

The level I'm on

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