Untitled -- 9.20.2003

Rhymes and verses

Yall cat's is weaker

Then watered down drinks

Don't give a fuck how you feel

Even less what you think

So get ya mind right

You really don't want none

I ain't nothin to play with

Jack, you'll get done

So think about it twice

Before you step into the for-front

Ballaholics are so damn real

So we don't stunt

Ain't no one ever told ya

Don't leap with out lookin

Fuck around and catch

The wrong end of an ass whoopin

So that's how it is

And that's how it stays

How you gonna step on the feild

Without memorizing ya plays

I got my shit planned out

From the kick-off till the fourth quarter

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not done yet

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