Pot head ryhmes

Rhymes and verses

Forever a mellow cat

Cause I'm forever sky-high

I'll probably be smoked out

Till the very day that I die

Keep on tryin to quit

But I can't seem to remember why

Can't get me on a plane

But I'll let my mind to fly

I know I can't quit the habit

So why try

Get smoked out

And watch the time just drift by

Yea I get blunted

I can't lie

But I don't sell it to your kids

See I smoke all of mine

Corruptin today's youth

Yea well maybe

But I keep tellin these kids

That they don't want to be me

Being good at nothing takes time

I just make it look easy

Besides all I need is chronic and food

It don't take much to please me

Just a quater bag of swag

And a bucket of chicken thats greasy

Sit my ass on my couch

And watch whats on t.v.

Smoke me a blunt and call me my breazy

So I can run through this broad all night

Belive me

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