Rhymes and verses

Just the way i begin the flow

is drastic

Makin opposition for this mic

call in sick

They thought they had something for me

but that ain't it

Give up while they got something left

and just quit

Get mad cause I took for they spot

that's tough shit

A lot of 'em ain't original anyway

they fake it

Frotin what ya holdin on me

and I'm a take it

Flexin a big ego on me

I'll break it

Ya want twelve rounds

betta think fast

Most think they ready

but they seldom seem to last

I'm a school ya something boy

so let's begin class

I'm a M.C. first

money is the secondary task

That's why my shit's forever

yall a temporary flash

I'm on a quest to be the best

yall just after the cash

Unerground forever

fuck all the pizaz

Orignal as they come

yall can kiss my ass

Long after I'm gone

They'll still speak my name

I went from rookie of the year

to m.v.p. of the game

Took every thing in stride

and forever kept it the same

And I ain't never gave a fuck

about the fortune and fame

Never saw me comin

cause I crept when I came

Middle of the night

leavin hata's in pain

The game ran how I wanted

simple and plain

And hard headed cat's

gotta get beat in they brain

Commin aginst the best

not ya best decision

Take my advice

ya really don't want none

steam-rollin all of my opposition

You and ya whole crew

can be next to be done

Betta be sure of ya self jack

we don't run

Make sure ya boys are with ya

cause here we all come

In it till we all dead

or till the battle's been all won

Cause disrespect is tolerated

by absolutly no one

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