Rhymes and verses

What do ya do with a chicken head freak

Break her some quick dick

And tell her

"Get at me next week"

Did they holla when I was walkin ?


Low on cash ?


But they all seem to know

When a playa touch dough

Sayin I betta respect you

You must be crazy

Show me one chicken head

That acts like a lady

Where we see some sex

Yall bitches see dolla sighns

For a million dollas

You could probably nut a million times

I do belive they still got some

With some class

I'm just sick of these gold diggers

Claimin they pussy worth cash

Money grubbin hoes

Can ride my dick

I don't really care

If you don't like my shit

Go ahead act mad

Roll ya eyes if want

But you know you wanna be backstage baby

Don't even front

Wanna see how true strong hustlas live

Champaigne and cavier

More like spam and crackers

Bitch here it is

Oh, I got cash baby

I ain't gonna lie

But my money is my money

You just here for the ride

Hit another town

On another night

Find the kinkiest bitches

And give them exact what they like

You know you want me girl

Don't even lie

Tall dark and handsome

With these sexual eyes

So let's me and you

Go work up a sweat

You gettin mt attetion

I'm gettin you wet

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