Rhymes and verses

The final cut

Guess who made the team

Every coward's nightmare

Every ladies dream

I've done seen the cream

So assemble the team

We've played nice for to long

Now it's time to redeem

Everything that is ours

Run these fuckas like feinds

Let's take it to the extreme

Then get away clean

While we bust on these hatas

As they plot and scheme

It's now or never

Your either in or your out

I'm a 100% fully loaded

And without a doubt

I'll silance these hata's

Before they open they mouth

Don't make me shout

Cause thats not what I'm about

But if you don't like what I'm saying

You can get the fuck out

I drive these cat's delirious

And I'm dead serious

The closest thing to me

Is a near death experience

So let me make sure I'm clear wth this

There is no one alive better then me

So don't try

I rip the M-I-C

Just like I flip a K-E-Y

Then slip away quite

Like M-O-U-S-E, but mostly

I just chill out

And write rhymes

Most cat's talk shit

But I live it all the time

L-Town is where you wold probably

Find a playa like this

I'm thoroughly pissed

Two steps away from falling in the abyss

Sad to say I'll probably never win a grammy

Weaker cat's get played

Cause they more radio friendly

And it's turning my belly

I'm sick of this shit

I mean when does it quit

All cat's talk about is guns, money, and clits

Yall keep saying the same thing

And most of it is pitiful

Here's something for ya

Why don't ya try to be original

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