Rhymes and verses

Hate all you like

But the squad still winning

Stop the ride at the light

And watch the wheels keep spinning

Now all you can do

Is drop your jaw and stare

Start complaning to your people

How the game ain't fair

Just go back to your job

Clockin minimum wage

I had the game planned out

Since a minimum age

And I'll be damned

If this hustle ever stops

Not till we all ride whips

With the tops that drop

See this hatin got to stop

So let me show you your place

You can joke if you like

But you'll see no smile on my face

Cold-blooded lil basterd

Heart carved in stone

The only advice I can give

Is to leave him alone

Cause I won't think twice

About hurtin ya feelin's

Knock ya head lights out

And leave ya starin at the celing

"Calm down Paz"

"You ain't got to be so fuckin brutal"

Bitch I'll softin up ya shit

Like hot water to noodles

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