It's only begun

Rhymes and verses

More potent then the coke you be snortin

I'm a hit ya with a verse and leave ya wit ya shit broken

Cause it's my time to climb and shine

While yall struggle to find

The answers to theses riddles

Laid down by my design

Step into the street and they all say "oooh"

"They ain't to many in the game that can do it how he do!"

And it's true

You see I spit game to silance all these hata's

Show them they place and make them pay respect to the greatest

See phoney infultraitors get run off by the dozen

Those left behind find themselves where they wish they wasn't

Listen cousin

It's apperent you don't know me to good

So it's best you lay low in my neck of the woods

Oh you can go and talk shit

But I don't suggest that you should

Cause when it's all said and done

There can only be one

It's the birth of an empire

And it's only begun!!!

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