Rhymes and verses

Yall bitches plottin

I can see it in ya eyes

But it be a cold day in hell

Before you take me by surprise

I'm a too strong hustla

With my knuckles to the grind

And I'm a get mine

On every hustle every time

So let me be sure

That i got the story straight

While yall out there makin moves

I'm supposed to sit here and wait

Now once again

I feel you got the situation twisted

Just give me the game

And watch how far I can lift it

See I was put here for one reason

That reason was to reign

So all hata's fall silent

And bear witness to the game


A hundred-fifty pounds of trouble

I got a million dollar plan  

Before I shave off the morning stubble

It's all or nothing

No turnin back now

I'm doin my thing

You just can't understand how

It's amazing how my mind works

Some call me insane

I got a single track mind

To take over the game

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