Fire breather

Rhymes and verses

Fire breathin

Like a fuckin dragon

Burn up any thoughts of pride

That you might be havin

See I come slashin

Swingin the mic like razor blades

Guttin out the first hata

That even think to misbehave

That's how I do 'em

In and out before the sun comes up

I put it to 'em

So I don't suggest you try your luck

Now what the fuck

Ain't got no reason to give a damn

Kept on lookin for the rapture

So now look, here I am

Unquenchable hunger

Forever driven by greed

If power is everything

Then that's exatly what I need

And you can't stop me

It's to late now

It's survival of the fittest

And I'm the last man standing in town

Organize everything

From the block to the planet

Who in the fuck is any man

To tell me I can not have it

Can you see it playa

The future is us

And we slanted a lil to the left

So I suggest you adjust

Now come with it

Let's see if you got game

But if you can't get the point

Allow me to beat it in ya brain

Through out everything

My people maintain

We just wanna live tight

You can keep the fame

We strive to keep it

The motha fuckin same

I only kick it with people

That know my first and last name

It's all family

And that's how we choose to keep it

If you ain't my brother

I just can't understand what you be speakin

I can never rest

Till all my people are freed

Have everyone at home

Like "yes indeed"

"That boy done did it "

"We always knew that he could"

Got people reppin Paz

In every single neighborhood

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