Succas talk shit

Gettin flip at the lip

Knowin they can't even touch

The squad that I'm with

I'm the future of the game

Who else you gonna find

Jelousy makes 'em blind

Cause I shine every time

So hata don't even try

Cause yall destined to lose

Paz 160Lbs

Still bulldozin crews

So when you see me comin

Just step to the side

It ain't worth it kid

Go ahead and swollow your pride

I make the competion

Get weak when I speak

They don't understand the style

But they sweat the technique

"Man, Paz ain't shit"

You can keep belivin that lie

So when I hand you your ass

Don't go wonderin why

See I'm the man of fuckin steel

With this mic in my grip

Forever fyckin over these cats

That be thinkin they slick

You see Paz be the man

And I can say that with pride

While the rest of you bitches

Is just livin a lie

Now why would you try

To ride aganist I

Don't test the allmighty

I won't let it ride

I'll be squashin ya pride

Don't test the allmighty

See when grown folks speakin

You best to shut ya mouth

Before you find out

What these boys down here be bout

Yall cat's aint even ready

For what I got up my sleeve

Born and bred in the south

Full of poets,hustlas,and theives

Yall can't understand

The things I was ment to acheive

I had the whole thing planned

And ain't no one belive

But now I'm up in ya face

You got no choice but to see

That ain't no one in ya life

Ever did it like me

I came up with every step

To get all that I can

A master plan

Devised by a brillant man

And here I am

I'm on top of my game

And I just want to speak my mind

You can keep the fame

About a 160Lbs

But my word weighs a ton

Ain't conerned bout the money

I'll burn ya shit down for fun

See I've only just begun

To start flexin my agression

Cat's had to find out peace

Could be a real hard lesson

Why would you try

To ride aganist I

Don't test the allmighty

I won't let it slide

I'll be squashin ya pride


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