A better man than me

If I could

 I would burn it all down

With a truth that sparks a flame

That burns the world to the ground 

Let that flame burn with a heat

Of a word so relentless

We don't respect a damn thing

Yet we expect to be respected

This place is infected

With champagne wishes and caviar dreams

Shorty's who want to be thugs

And give no thought to being kings or queens

And it's obscene 

I mean

Even if they manage to silence your scream

It shouldn't stop a militant mind

Willing to die for a dream

We should stand up on our feet

And pump our fist to the sky

And scream " bring all that you can bring"

"We were never scared to die"

Our souls should burn with revolution 

You should see it in our eyes

It should help us see past the hypocrisy and the lies

But I realize

That we ain't dreaming

We running through this world 

Without a damn thing to believe in

Then I take a look at the images we're receiving 

Is it really any wonder that our kids are not achieving 

What do you believe in 

I've seen the dreams of great men

And feel we share the same vision

To open up eyes 

And free minds that are Imprisoned

To not conform to the norm 

And forever challenge the system

And not just accept what the f**k

You've been given

So how you living

I'm trying to live my life to the best of me

So I can never stop fighting

Until I fulfill my fathers destiny

Never lose faith in my God

For I know he's only testing me

Forged through the fires of this world

Is how he brings about the best in me

It's all a lesson see

So I keep my self together

And don't lose sight of the plan

And never lose focus 

On exactly who I am 

Keep an open mind

And try to understand

So I can show my son 

How to be a better man


Or at least a better man

Then I am

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was never good at coming up with titles

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