Surrounded by simple minds 

That could never understand 

How I was raised to be a great man 

By a great man 


Who was raised by a great man 

That came before he

So what made you think

You could disrespect me 


Son I'm three life times 

Packed into one frame 

With way to much game 

To be contained in one brain 


Check how I maintain 

Breathe flames and spit game 

Rain pain on lames

And maintain my swing


I am a damn boss 

So I make moves on the daily 

Work another hustle 

Make these other suckers pay me


Because money is essential 

Respect is a nessesity 

So who do you think your checking

You can never get the best of me 


So what you're reppin

I'm far out of your league

Built to be champ

A completely different breed 


A straight thoroughbred 

I passed it down to my seed 

When I gave this world a gift 

It was not fit to receive




So if it makes the family stronger

Thats the mission that I'm on 

Ain't a sucker in your stable 

That can stop a champion


I'm just to strong

Plus a true and living Don

So if you get a chance to see me 

Take a shot before I'm gone 


So you can tell your kids 

About the time you saw a beast 

And how he had the family business 

Banging in the streets 


When you're the best at what you do 

There is no need to be discreet 

So make these pussies pay attention 

When I begin to push some heat


The best around 

Has claimed his crown 

And what you have found 

Is the baddest man in town 


Ain't got time for clowns 

Because I am steady on the grind

I duck the stress fuck the rest

And keep success on my mind


Just give me mine 

I ruin crews like bad news 

For shitty attitudes 

And coming short on my dues


Fucking with a Don 

Will leave them broke and confused 

But thats the price they pay 

For the life that they choose




So get the point little buddy 

It ain't hard to understand 

If you're not blood to the fam 

You don't know who I am 


I break the game down 

Like bricks into grams 

Flip that shit quick

Turn chips into grands 


Run that D back

Just a s fast as I can 

Hit the lab double up

And then I do it again


If you really want to eat

You stay true to the fam 

Before your found face down

With holes in you man


I keep five family's 

In the palm of my hand

 if you get out of line

They lay you down where you stand


I don't give a fuck 

Never really gave a damn

The real stay real 

The  phoney fall away like sand


But I'll be damn if I let a dummy

Jam up a plan 

So I'm holding down the fam 

Like the man that I am 




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