For Those Who Cannot Say...

I never promised,

That we'd always be forever,

But I lied,

That we'd die together,

I could never forget her,

But maybe she should try,

So far away from you,

At the edge of the world,

I never,

Never wanted to leave without you,

But I,

I must go tomorrow,

Destined to be a body bag,

Haunted by all your smiles,

The ones I'll never see,

No scars will be apart of me,

Only the ones I leave behind,

Going to join those who fell,

Those who will fall,

I pray you never,

Never forget me in your heart,

But I'd rather,

Never see you in sorrow,

I'll never make it home,

Never walk through the door,

Never wipe away your tears,

Never caress your skin,

Never be able to make you happy,

Never give you what you want,

I'll never carry you home,

Never hold you close,

Never watch the sun go down,

Never touch your lips,

Never admire your beauty,

Never know what you haven't told me,

Never say I love you,

Live on and be proud,

Find another chance,

Find another happiness,

For I'm at the end of the world,

Your face...

The last thing I ever see.

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