We're Broken

Broken stars shower down,

Reflecting the pain of our,

Silent screams and the voices,

Of heretics deciding our fate,

The bullshit affect of our time,

We're all diseased,

I'm still paranoid,

Our time is over,

I can't do this alone,

Crosses stain our vision,

As unnatural chants burn our ears,

Inescapable is it all,

As we latch on to non-existing,

Memories of those ones we,

Want to erase,

Burning under the burden to be lead,

Following the blind,

Where light and faith leads truth astray,

Rising under the moonlight of eons,

As time stands on its own frame,

Forgetfulness is a blessing,

That we are unable to afford,

As we slide to that abyss,

Afraid to hold on fleeting,

Visions and chilling truth,

Reality meets fiction,

In a cold, unflinching, power slide,

As worlds collide and frail words fail,

An eternity twisted around our eyes,

Silence is what we yearn for,

The radical nature of those,

Who take us for granted,

Slip through our imagination,

Can't understand the meaning,

Of the lies fed to us from birth,

Knowing nothing for truth but what is felt,

Relying only on a state of heart,

Kept within this tomb of bones and flesh,

Fear to open and embrace,

Running away from this pain,

Walled up inside screaming,

To embrace our imprisonment,

This cell, this hatred of one,

Blend into the shadows to be forgotten,

The only plausible wish to be uttered,

In polite society,

Hidden within the shadows,

Darkness of this fake society,

The lies and greed and acts of hate,

Playing with their puppets,

A sick fucking game,

I cut my strings of lead,

Now I pray for the end of time,

Praying for the end of time!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sarah and I wrote this, cuz we thought "hey, why not?", and why not, indeed.

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