a night without a moon

life shares its memories with us, like a story told

when we are asleep. A dream to some,

a night mare others.

I once watched the sun set, enjoying

all the bye, byes it made to me until finally,

i saw no more horizons arround me.

and thats when i noticed how special you where to me.


Up in the sky, the whole beauty got absorbed

in the darkness and what was left for me

was the dew to hold till the sun rose again.

i glance at the sky to see whether you will be able to see me

but i just cant see your face, till i dose off

and woke up in the morning only to realise i missed you.


Dear, i called you so when you never missed a night without spreading

your strong but faint rays onto me,

remember when we played hide and seek, i always hide but for

you the sky was too small for you to hide, remember,

I do recall such times

and realised how good such moments where, i hold onto such memories

every time the moon does not shine at night with its faint rays

which give the night colour.

You will always be my friend, even if you are far away

from me.

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