I stood on a this ledge,
thinking of you,
my arms were wide open,
reaching its true.

Towards god and heaven above,
for i had forgotten all about  your love.

Needless to say i remember you now,
in the pain you delivered, and how.

So if i leap for the stars and fall to earth this way, 
would you remember me, remember me this day.


Would you have kind words to say.


would you say things like,

I love you,

Miss you today,


Ineed you,


I need you to stay.

For in humanity i will search for you not.

I will never display
my feelings for you in this awkward way. 
I just hope you find that ledge, that one, that led you to me,
and jump, jump and finally,finally. 


Be free.



Eric L. Michaels



© Eric L. Michaels. All rights reserved