Little Black Angel

My world is spinning like a music box
A violin playing my song
A little black angel to express my faults
And tell you all that you’re wrong
She dances for my entertainment
She will not dance to make you happy
I play her song for my enjoyment
After all she is me


A soft sound escapes her soul
And I know she is not lost
I won’t give her to the cold
She is my music box
I keep her in a jar
Like a firefly
She is my little song bird
But she will never again fly


When I sit and cry alone
I sink back and let her arms wrap around me
I listen for her gentle tone
I listen for the darkness of her melody
When my fingers begin to move
And we share the same patterns
She completely changes my mood
And music becomes all that matters


We dance in the forests of my imagination
The music pulses through the veins of the leaves
It runs with the winds of germination
And rests at the tops of the trees
The sky and stars look down at me
As the tears fall down my cheeks
I feel her arms close around me
I know my little black angel will never leave


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